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who we are

We are a company with a disruptive mindset that looks at retail in a different perspective CARE AND LISTEN HMD cares and listens to the needs of its consumers as well as customer behavior.

ALTERNATIVE SENTENCE = AT HMD we care and listen to the needs of our customers while tailoring to consumer behavior.

CREATIVY AND INNOVATION HMD specializes in innovating creative ways to improve visibility for our brands in a retail setting.

IN-HOUSE TECNHOLOGY: Our software can offer a vast array of retail information for our clients.

Care and listen

HMD cares and listens to its customers needs, as well and consumer behavior.

Creativity and Innovation

There are always ways to have greater visibility for you brand at retail.

In-House tecnhology

Focus Data is a software that can provide you with a vast retail information.


We strive towards creative solutions that help our brands overcome objections to archieve a YES!!





People and technology

fun facts

Our team´s mindset is to strive toward yes and reject no.

Over 150 team members, including staff and Feet on the street.
Over 12,000 secondary store by store negotiations increasing brands revenue.
10 different services we can provide to fit your needs and be a 360° solution.
creative approach

We develop, create & innovate at retail level

We believe going to buy your groceries should be as fun as fun as your best vacation. We are all about creating emotions at retail.

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about us

An original team that believes that impossible can be possible with dedication and perseverance

What We Do

Create and innovate with a unique mindset, changing consumers behavior persuading in a clever way to buy the brands we represent.

                                                                         Staff leaders

Alejandra Elizondo


Carolina Saldaña

Sales intelligence

Katherine Eretz

Sales Innovation

What Our Clients Say.

As a national supplier of mayor retailers, having HMD as partner for our merchandising and demo needs has been a great asset in the past couple of years. Their flexibility to adapt to the new challenges and professionalism to achieve our goals has been top notch.
We count on HMD to help us establish our new product lines and continue to grow our business.

Thanks HMD for a fantastic job!

Joaquin Portillo

Key Account Manager, SIGMA Foods.

HMD has been for us a Key and Trust partner to develop our brands in the las few years , their skills, Knowledge and capabilities on the hispanic market are a unique platform in the industry

Baruc Navarro

CEO INBC Trading.

HMD and their team have been a strong business partner for Del Bravo Trade. Their innovation is always fun to work with. We appreciate all they work and professionalism.

Trini Benavides

CEO Del Bravo Trade.

HMD has consistently delivered fast and on-time retail execution, accurate reporting and flawless event activation.
They’ve supported our in-store execution strategy since inception of our brand to today’s success.
Their team is always responsive and ready to provide creative solutions.
Kudos to HMD on their 9th anniversary!

Caridad Ochoa

CEO Electrolit.

I would like to take this moment to thank you and your team for the in-store support at Walmart, Kroger, HEB and the Independent customers.

You have done things that others say can’t be done. In the past 5 years your team has helped us build the VERDE VALLE & ISADORA brand through creative merchandising and persistent selling.

You have been flexible with our needs and have acted with a sense of urgency.

We appreciated your support and partnership and I am looking forward to continual growth with HMD!

Carlos Del Pino

General Manager, Verde Valle.


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