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Ramón González





Innovation, creativity and always looking for new opportunities is what what I love to do day in and day out. I have the responsibility of the overall business, but I have a fantastic team that backs me up.


I have been in the retail and food industry for over 23 years. I started my profesional carrer working for Delimex as a buying manager and just about a year later I moved to Lucas World, one of the largest Mexican candy companies, where I worked in sales for close to 14 years. Lucas World was bought by M&M Mars and a couple of years after that Mars bought Wrigley and I was part of those transitions. In that period of time I lived in California, New Jersey and settle in Houston Texas. My last 7 years at Mars I changed the route to market we had bringing high increase in sales and profit to the organization; that strategy helped me create HMD-Hispanic Market Developer back in 2012.
HMD has evolved into different companies to provide a focus and specific service to our customers when it comes to sales and brand development. We have our own technology and a team in over 8 States. My purpose as leader is to create the best possible culture where we all go to the same direction “Create the best interactive experience between brand and consumer at retail level”. Innovation is an everyday must.

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