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In-House technology we can share with you for decision making

Android & IOS

In-House technology we can share with you for decision making


Locate your products


About Focus Data

We build Focus Data Info in 2019 to make it easier for our field teams to capture all the data needed for decision making and for them to use their time better at store level. This tool helps them to maximize their impact on sales.
We believe in making the most out of the store visits while we still collect all the most important data.
This platform includes both iOS and Android app for the field reps as well as a web page for coordination and administration of the field reps’ app.


You’ll be able to:
• Review a dashboard with information about visits
• Have exclusive access on real time for you and your customers
• Control your visits and schedule
• Verify your visits with GPS
• Create instant reports in PDF and Excel
• Capture pictures as evidence with comments
• Fill in ands end emails of purchase orders
• Generate purchase order reports
• Capture signature with a digital pad
• Use a pin-drop map to locate your products’ location in store
• And much more.

What I Do

Our purpose is to empower our field teams to increase productivity and sales while they take the most out of their store visits. We’ve come to revolutionize the way we gather and present data.

Carolina Saldaña

                                                                                                                                  Sales intelligence