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Andreina Carrasco





Brands need a market study to develop strategies that allow them to enter the market and that people can know about them. It is necessary to boost sales both in distribution and in retails


Hello! My name is Andreina Carrasco and I was born in Paraguaná, Venezuela.
I obtained a bachelor degree in Administration at LUZ in 2010 and then my MBA in Marketing at CIU Curacao. I lived two years in Panamá, and during that time I got the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience in sales and events at NGOs. Since 2017 I belong to the HMD team developing as a demonstrator, merchandiser and now as Leader of the sales department and Broker. I like to develop latin brands mostly so people of any culture can taste part of what makes us unique. I love to laugh, dance and overall enjoy what we do.

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